Founded in 2020, Mewaii, a combination of "Meta" and "Kawaii" is a series of ultra-soft, squishy, and super-cute huggable plushies crafted by a group of plush enthusiasts. Dedicated to bringing a smile and hug to every day life, each Mewaii has its own adventure to share and magical power to be the best friend you never imagined. Designed in a range of different sizes, these adorable Mewaii will fit cuddly into your life and arms! 

The team is filled with creative and caring individuals from around the world. We believe that cute things are magical, and that everyone deserves to be surrounded by the things they love. The team shares one common goal — to bring joy everywhere by creating magical experiences and bring the world closer together. Designed with the idea of positivity and kindness in mind, Mewaii hopes to provide everyone with lasting comfort, cuddles and happiness through their healing powers!