Hi there! My name is Dominique, and I'm from Ecuador! I was looking for huge plushies to help me with my sleeping problems and I came across the Mewaii webpage. I saw that they were holding a giveaway on Tik Tok of a set of long cats, and luckily enough, I won! Now that I have them, I can say that their comfiness has helped me to sleep better! A lot of thanks to you, Mewaii.❤

Hello! I am Angelinia and I am from Jacksonville NC, USA! I’m here to share a story with you about The Starry Kitten LOOONG plush! Starry was a regular lazy kitten who loved to sleep all day! But at night, Starry would always look up at the stars, wondering what they are. Sometimes, Starry wished he was a star, glowing brightly in the night sky without a care in the world such that that people would make wishes upon Starry, and he'll make them come true. One night, there was a faint glow in the front of his house. Disturbed from his sleep, he went out to see what it was. To his surprise, it was a star that had fallen from the sky. 

Hi, I'm M.G from the UK - I've had my Mewaii products for overall about a month now and they're absolutely amazing! The designs are so adorable and the texture is smooth and comfortable. They took about 2 weeks to ship and were worth the wait. I have a set of the Looong Devil Cats and a small pink axolotl from the Fluffffy family, and they're the cutest little family! I especially like the larger sizes of the Looong cats as they're something to hold onto when I want to sleep, and this makes falling asleep a lot easier and more comfortable. I love these plushies and would highly recommend them to anyone who prefers to sleep with something to cuddle, likes cute designs, or prefers smooth and soft textures! I'm much more relaxed at night time now, thanks to my collection of Mewaii plushies! 

Hi! I'm Livia and I'm from Finland! I bought a Mewaii long cat in July as I thought it was adorable! When it came, I was so happy! Me and my long cat have been eating ice cream together and watching Netflix together! I'm so happy I got a long cat, as they are so cute and perfect for everyone! I recently won a giveaway and I'm so happy that I'll now have more cute little long cats just to hang around with! ❤

Mewaii is a brand new universe that is home to a variety of adorable lifelike plushies. With special characteristics like soft and squishy bodies, they have the power to provide you comfort and instantly heal your heart. They’re not just a plushy or a pillow, but are a bunch of vivid and intriguing friends that conveys happiness in animations.

 The original animes “Keeping up with the Mewaiis” have already released on Tiktok (ID: mewaii_official)